Welcome to the website following baby Jude Ortiz

 As many of you know by following Jude's moms blog at http://cjengo.blogspot.com/ that he is very sick.

Jude was recently diagnosed with a brain malformation that is devastating his body and leaving him with horrible seizures. At eighteen weeks in utero Jude had a stroke that kept his brain from developing properly. His parents tracked his head growth, and were told everything looked like Jude may be born  normal. It is unfortunate, but at three months he  has started having grand mal seizures. Once rushed to Cooks children's they completed several tests including an MRI. The MRI showed 5 major issues with his brain. His parents were told he would never walk, talk, and may pass away. Fortunately, he has a loving family that will tend to his every need and believes  that with hard work through therapy Jude could have a good life. We are asking that people put Jude on their prayer lists at churches around the globe. The family is lucky enough to have good health insurance although the dad has had to quit  his normal job since Jude cannot attend regular day-care,  Jude must be watched by someone that has seizure and CPR training.  Since his dad was starting a painting company he still plans on trying to complete those tasks through staff or on the weekend.  Jennifer states they have been blessed with great medical care, and a supportive family. We continue to track Jude, and share in the family's experience through Jennifer's blog. Please join us in praying for Jude, and for those taking care of him.

To help the family with the additional expenses from the remainder after insurance, medicines, therapy, and loss of income a dear family friend set up a fund just for Jude. So, if you would like to contribute to the family's medical fund we will be adding a paypal button to this site. If you know of any fund-raisers, prayer services, or websites pertaining to Jude please email them and they will be posted on this here. The family has also asked for support for Cooks Children's hospital in Fort Worth. Supporting that hospital helps people like the Ortiz family. God Bless and  please say lots of prayers for baby Jude.

Functions, websites, and prayers lists for Jude

Light a candle for Jude: http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=Jude

Gateway Church in Colleyville, Covenant Christian Church, Compass Church, UMC of Hollywood, First united Methodist of Bedford, Saint Michaels of Bedford, donations to the Saint Jude shrine in Jude's name, Fellowship, and more.